Part I Why Link Enterprise Data?
Semantic Web and the Linked Data Enterprise
Dean Allemang
The Role of Community-Driven Data Curation for Enterprises
Edward Curry, Andre Freitas, and Sean O’Riain
Part II Approval and Support of Linked Data Projects
Preparing for a Linked Data Enterprise
Bernadette Hyland
Selling and Building Linked Data: Drive Value and Gain Momentum
Kristen Harris
Part III Techniques for Linking Enterprise Data
Enhancing Enterprise 2.0 Ecosystems Using Semantic Web and Linked
Data Technologies: The SemSLATES Approach
Alexandre Passant, Philippe Laublet, John G. Breslin and Stefan Decker
Linking XBRL Financial Data
Roberto García and Rosa Gil
Scalable Reasoning Techniques for Semantic Enterprise Data
Reza B’Far
Reliable and Persistent Identification of Linked Data Elements
David Wood
Part IV Success Stories
Linked Data for Fighting Global Hunger: Experiences in setting
standards for Agricultural Information Management
Thomas Baker and Johannes Keizer
Enterprise Linked Data as Core Business Infrastructure
Steve Harris and Tom Ilube and Mischa Tuffield
Standardizing Legal Content with OWL and RDF
Constantine Hondros
A Role for Semantic Web Technologies in Patient Record Data Collection
Chimezie Ogbuji
Use of Semantic Web technologies on the BBC Web Sites
Yves Raimond, Tom Scott, Silver Oliver, Patrick Sinclair and Michael